In the last article we looked at some tell tale signs that maybe your IT Support provider isn’t up to the level you deserve. With all of this information duly noted in this article we are going to look at some signs to look for in an IT Support Provider that shows that they are worth you business. You may find that your provider already exhibits some of these traits or you might find they line up a little better with our last article. 

Even though post-incident helpdesk support is still a crucial part of outsourced IT, it only covers a small portion of the services your supplier should be providing. The finest providers offer a wide range of goods and services that may be customised to meet the operational needs of their customers, from proactive security and remote maintenance to workplace productivity tools and premium corporate connections. 

With all of this in mind lets take a look at some things that upon being exhibited by your IT Support Provider should fill you with confidence. 

Unique solutions and services 

Websites from IT companies are frequently somewhat formulaic. You'll frequently be given a list of managed services, there may be a telecoms component, and they'll frequently stress their adherence to best practises in cyber security. How then can you tell the best from the rest? 

The greatest IT service providers deliver their services in a flexible approach and customise their offerings based on the requirements of certain customers. Terms like "co-managed IT" are an excellent indicator of a supplier willing to offer such services if you're just searching for an add-on solution to complement an internal IT team. On the other hand, keep an eye out for terms like "full service managed IT" and "virtual CIO" as these denote suppliers with an all-inclusive service offering if you're looking for a provider who will fully own your digital estate. 

Experience working with your industry 

It pays to select an IT partner with past experience in your industry if your organisation runs under a severe, industry-specific compliance load or in a sector where IT plays a particularly business-critical role. A supplier with experience in your sector will be able to leverage technology to hardwire compliance into your organisation, whether you offer financial products and are subject to FCA regulation or you are a care provider working under the regulatory authority of the CQC. Additionally, you want a provider who has experience managing and maintaining the sector-specific software tools you employ, such as legacy databases. Simply put, an IT provider who is knowledgeable about your industry will be better able to guide you through the regulatory landscape and support the infrastructure that you rely on. 

Frequently, service providers who concentrate on a certain industry are eager to share this information on their website. Ask them about comparable organisations they've worked with in the past if your industry isn't included to help you judge their fit. 

Intense care and attention to Cyber security 

Therefore, it's crucial to locate an IT service provider who exhibits a firm dedication to security best practises. A crucial line of defence is remote monitoring/management, which makes sure that your network, its component devices, operating systems, and software programmes are in excellent shape and that security upgrades are delivered consistently and on schedule. Without this crucial feature, a provider will find it difficult to preserve the integrity of your environment, making it susceptible to online threats and prone to unsettling outages. 

Additionally, they should be able to provide a wide range of technical safeguards for each hub and spoke of your IT system. Make sure a provider provides a wide range of technologies to help protect your environment and your data, from email filtering and endpoint antivirus to firewall safeguards and cloud backups. 

Dynamic support backed by a comprehensive service level agreement 

In our last post, we stated that a service level agreement's terms are only one aspect of good IT support. While we firmly believe that a thorough SLA is essential to guaranteeing that the service you receive is planned and provided in line with your expectations. The SLA should include information on the services that will be provided as well as any performance goals with references to important performance metrics. A well-run IT provider will be willing to guarantee some areas of service delivery, maybe even granting right to redress if important benchmarks aren't fulfilled. 

When it comes to support options, seek for companies who can give a helpdesk that is staffed around-the-clock. This could seem needless, but if you ever decide to work late or go on a business trip abroad and require support, it will suddenly make sense. Next, think about metrics for response and resolution times. A reputable service provider will try to respond to help queries in less than 30 minutes and work to resolve problems completely on the first occasion. 

Committed to great customer service 

This is what sets the best IT service providers apart from the rest. If your company has a culture of excellent customer service, you and your team will feel confident asking your provider for guidance or support. The finest service providers will do a thorough onboarding process to learn about your organisation, industry demands, financial limits, and the present status of your IT system before they begin working with you. 

You actually need a professional account manager to supervise every facet of service delivery if you're looking for an IT supplier to take on a comprehensive technology management role. This person will get informed about the specifics of your IT and how you do business, enabling them to function as an extension of your team. Seek guarantees that a specific point of contact will be appointed. 

Applied wisely and with care, technology can bring about dramatic corporate benefits. However, it may be more difficult to realise these potential rewards without the correct IT partner. This little blog series should have been helpful in assisting you in assessing the level of support you are currently receiving. It might be time to look elsewhere for your IT assistance if your supplier is doing their fundamental duties poorly and lacks the motivation to help you get the most out of your IT. 

A Reliable IT Support Provider 

If you are seriously experiencing issues like this with your IT Support provider, it might be time for a change. We promise to provide a high level of support, to ensure that problems are nipped in the bud as often as possible and if a problem ever does arise have it sorted out as fast as possible. Don’t hesitate to Get in Contact if you have any questions about your IT Support.