Custom Cyber Security Solutions

Our Approach to Cyber Security

Cyber criminals are constantly adapting their approach and creating new threats — so we have to stay one step ahead of the latest developments.

Here at BNCS, we work tirelessly to create and fine-tune cyber security solutions that protect IT systems and the data they hold. And we achieve our objectives through a selection of key services.

Cyber Security Audits

Our IT security experts will go through all your IT infrastructure in search of threats and vulnerabilities — and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Email Protection

Email is at the heart of many criminal enterprises, which is why we deploy a range of tools designed to block malicious links, attachments and web pages. We also train users on how to use email protection software.

Backup and Data Recovery

While prevention is always our priority, we’ll make sure you’re always prepared for catastrophic data loss with advanced, remotely managed backup and data recovery measures.

Multi-Factor Authentication

The easier route into accounts and IT systems these days is through the criminal acquisition of passwords. By adding another stage to the sign-in process, we make this type of malicious behaviour virtually impossible.

Human Risk Management

A lot of major security incidents are caused by human error and carelessness. We have the tools and training modules required to prevent user mistakes and protect your systems from malicious activity.

Cyber Security Training

By giving your team members the knowledge, skills and tools they need to prevent cyber security incidents, we’ll help you to protect your business’s assets and data.

Like to learn more about our cyber security services? Call us today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced IT support professionals.

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Cyber Security Solutions in South Devon

While we use a range of cyber security techniques and tools to protect our clients’ IT systems, we always designate one of our professionals to oversee the implementation of our solutions.

By becoming an extended member of your team, our designated IT support engineer will be able to act swiftly and decisively in the event of a cyber security incident.

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