Internet Phone Services

Customisable Phone Systems

We can save your organisation money and improve your communications infrastructure by designing, installing and managing a state-of-the-art phone system.

With our help, you can avoid expensive landline systems in favour of systems that work entirely over the internet. We’ll save you money, space and a lot of administrative work — preparing your business, charity or education institution for the future of communications.

Unified Communications Solutions

We’ll work with your team to bring together every communication channel to create a single, user-friendly system that delivers results for your customers, colleagues and partners.

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor your employees’ performance against a range of real-time metrics, including calls taken and time spent on each call.

Calls on the Go

Our VoIP experts will turn the mobile devices used within your business into defacto business telephone lines — meaning you’ll never miss a call again.

Cutting-Edge VoIP Technologies

Using some of the latest technologies, we’ll give you the power to transfer, record, monitor and redirect calls with the push of a button.

To reduce the cost of communications, stay connected wherever you are and drive productivity levels across your organisation, talk to us today about our state-of-the-art VoIP and telephony systems.

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Customised Phone Systems Designed for You

Here at BCNS, we understand that communication is the bedrock of any successful business, educational establishment or non-profit organisation. That’s why our VoIP phone systems are tailored to the exact needs of our clients.

You’ll never receive an off-the-peg solution from BCNS. Allow us to be your internet telephony provider, and enjoy seamless, cost-effective communications without the hassle.

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