Advanced Cloud Services

Our Approach to Cloud Services

Switching from physical, on-site IT solutions to cloud services can improve the security of your systems, reduce costs and make updates and patches easier to implement than ever. With our help, you’ll be able to take advantage of several customised cloud services.

Email Encryption

Make your email communications more secure and protect the privacy of your partners and clients. Remotely administered email encryption delivers seamless cyber security.

Cloud Servers

Improve your organisation’s data security and create a remote backup system that will restore lost data quickly and seamlessly.

IT Infrastructure

If you want to minimise on-site IT hardware and enjoy around-the-clock cyber security, moving your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud could be the way to go. We’ll manage the entire process for you.

UK-Based Data Centres

We only use data centres based in the UK to deliver our cloud services. This means your data is protected by UK law, and you’ll be able to enjoy the best possible speeds.

Remote Off-Site Storage

Our cloud-based solutions ensure your backups are kept safe and secure in a remote location — available for data recovery operations at a moment’s notice.

Legally Compliant

Switching to the cloud is a seamless process when you have our IT support engineers by your side. It also means you can comply easily with legal requirements pertaining to privacy, data protection and archiving.

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Customised for Your Needs

Custom Cloud Solutions in South Devon

We understand just how expensive IT infrastructure can be these days — particularly if you’re just starting out or you’re undergoing a period of rapid expansion. By choosing cloud services from BCNS, you can drastically reduce your IT costs, minimise your IT workforce and enjoy an exceptionally high level of cyber security protection.

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