Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Our Approach to Backup and Disaster Recovery

IT disasters can permanently destroy data unless you have the right precautions in place. We can protect your sensitive and valuable data from security breaches, power failures, floods, fires and anything else with the potential to cause catastrophic data loss.

Constant Access

We will continually back up and store your data while allowing you constant access to all your crucial files. At BCNS, backups are automated and continuous.

Fast and Efficient

When disaster strikes and your IT systems suffer data loss, we’ll act swiftly to restore your last backup and get your systems fully operational again.

Legal Compliance

Our IT support engineers will create and implement a backup and disaster recovery system that complies with all the current data protection and privacy legislation.

Remote Off-Site Storage

We utilise physical servers and cloud-based solutions to ensure your backups are kept safe and secure in a remote location.

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Custom Disaster Recovery Solutions in South Devon

While we use a range of disaster recovery and backup tools to protect our clients’ IT systems, we always designate one of our professionals to oversee the services we provide.

We believe that the most effective disaster recovery planning happens when our experienced engineers immerse themselves in the operations they’re tasked with protecting.

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