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Expert IT Support for Schools, Colleges and Universities

At BCNS, we understand the unique operational challenges faced by educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. We design, create and monitor educational IT systems to support teachers, students and administrators in the pursuit of learning excellence.

Cost Effective IT Support

Making Educational Institutions More Efficient

We have been providing IT support solutions to schools and colleges since 1999. During this time, we have developed an intrinsic understanding of how these educational institutions operate. The need to streamline operations and drive down costs is paramount as budgets become increasingly stretched.

Using educational know-how, the latest software solutions and a vast pool of IT expertise, we’re helping schools, colleges and universities to deliver the best possible outcomes for their students.

Improving IT in Schools Since 1999

We are on a mission to help the schools and educational establishments of Plymouth, Torquay and South Devon modernise with more sophisticated and efficient IT systems. We have been helping these vital organisations make the most of their budgets since 1999.

How We Work

Custom IT Support Services for Schools and Colleges

Every school, college and university faces its own unique set of challenges. As a result, every new IT solution we create and implement starts from scratch. We take the time to understand the specific needs and challenges of the educational institution before devising a bespoke suite of tools and services.

Whether you’re a school administrator in need of short-term assistance or a university dean looking for a long-term IT support provider, we can help.

What We Do

Custom IT Support for UK Schools and Colleges

At BCNS, we take great pride in improving educational outcomes throughout the UK. Our IT support solutions help schools, colleges and universities streamline operations and manage costs.

Remote Monitoring

To ensure you and your team can devote all your time to the needs of your students, our IT support engineers will monitor your systems for threats.

Software Updates

Spend more of your time in the classroom and less time updating your IT systems. Let us take the reins and ensure all your vital software updates are applied as soon as they’re available.

IT Support Desk

IT issues in a school or college can dramatically impact learning outcomes. With our IT support engineers at your disposal, a fast resolution is never far away.

Full-Service IT Solutions

We can oversee your entire IT infrastructure and provide ongoing maintenance and cyber security services. We’ll create a bespoke solution tailored to your institution’s needs.

To learn more about our IT support services for schools, colleges and universities, speak to one of our experienced professionals today.

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Our Partners

Delivering Tried and Tested IT Solutions for Schools

We work closely with a range of premium IT solutions providers to ensure our educational partners have the best possible support.

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