A modern Wi-Fi solution

Tucked away within the picturesque landscapes of Hope Cove, Hope Barton Barns stands as a haven of tranquillity. Known for providing an exceptional guest experience, this serene retreat faced a contemporary problem that threatened to tarnish its otherwise sterling reputation – limited wireless access.

The Challenge

For the past two decades, Hope Barton Barns was tied to a provider that could only deliver a restricted internet speed of 20mbps. This limited capacity had to be dispersed across 23 properties, resulting in a less-than-optimal connectivity experience. Consequently, this sparked a continuous cycle of complaints from guests. The secluded rural location of the property posed additional hurdles, limiting their options for network improvement. The solution put forward by their current IT provider was to install a high-cost business line – a suggestion that was not only excessively expensive but also practically unmanageable.

The Solution

Motivated to find a practical and cost-effective solution, Hope Barton Barns reached out to BCNS. Guided by their wealth of knowledge and amicable approach, BCNS visited the site, undertaking a thorough survey and discussing the various options available. We proposed an extensive overhaul of the existing system, assuring Hope Barton Barns of a seamless transition with minimal disruption.

BCNS adeptly installed Ubiquiti routers throughout the property. Moreover, we ran the new system concurrently with the old one to ensure non-stop service. However, the turning point in their connectivity journey was undoubtedly installing a satellite internet connection. With this strategic move, the internet speed catapulted from a mere 20mbps to a staggering 200mbps – a revolutionary transformation!

The Outcome

The radical uplift in Wi-Fi performance not only ceased the ongoing complaints but also triggered a landslide of positive feedback from guests about the excellent connectivity. BCNS continues offering first-rate support, promptly responding to questions and delivering swift solutions. Furthermore, the installation and ongoing costs proved to be significantly less than the previous quotes from their old suppliers.

The team at Hope Barton Barns couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. They felt valued and well-cared for by BCNS throughout the entire process and were astounded by the smooth installation that exceeded their expectations. Consequently, they now wholeheartedly recommend BCNS to any business facing IT hurdles.

We really couldn’t rate BCNS any higher – they really did make us feel prioritised and looked after us with any questions we had and we couldn’t have asked for a better installation. We recommend BCNS to anyone who has IT needs.”


This case study is a testament to BCNS’s unwavering dedication to delivering bespoke IT solutions that effectively tackle unique challenges. By crafting a solution tailored to Hope Barton Barns’ specific needs, BCNS has not only heightened the guest experience but also cemented its standing as a trusted and dependable IT support partner.

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