Revolutionising their IT infrastructure

One of the UK’s leading wood-burning stove and boiler suppliers has revolutionised its IT infrastructure with help from fast growing technology company Business Computing and Network Services Ltd (BCNS).

Euroheat Distributors (HBS) Ltd of Bishops Frome, Worcestershire believes in investing for the future in every sense.

Managing Director Michael Barber-Starkey who employs a team of 30 says:

We originally managed our IT system in-house but the advent of new and more advanced system requirements led us to look for specialists to support us.

“BCNS offered these services not only with extremely good communications, advice and outstanding on-site and remote support but also with concepts and design.”

They provide support, design and installation for the company’s Windows, Netware, Linux, GroupWise and other major systems.

In a very short time our IT leapt forward to meet and exceed our requirements with little or no disruption.

As any business owner knows, IT can be a real pain! BCNS all but removed these problems, the result being reduced overall costs and improved efficiency and reliability.

The initial costs which felt large at the time have returned the investment multi-fold.

Looking to the future

Michael hopes IT will help him to enjoy a more profitable and simpler life and, to achieve this, BCNS will play a key role.

“Would I recommend BCNS? No question! I have on many occasions, which in today’s modern, unforgiving business society is rather rare.”

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