The world of technology is forever changing, and the last two decades in particular have seen huge changes, with new innovative tools being released that have the ability to revolutionise your workplace and, in turn, the way your team work. Due to the power that tech now has in our workplaces, business owners are making it a priority to be sure their tech is working for them in the best possible way, and most have tried to warp it in such a way as to make it catered for their own organisations.

For some time it was only large corporations that could reap the full benefits of tech, but in the modern world that is no longer the case, because, regardless of the size of your business, it can play a key role in ensuring its success.

The tools you use in the workplace must be implemented and managed in a way that benefits your organisation and your team. Your technology must improve the levels of efficiency, communication, and collaboration that your team can achieve – otherwise what’s the point in having it? Tech can be expensive if you can’t guarantee that what you have is effective.

Business owners have gradually realised that they need a personalised catered service that works in favour of their needs, not what is convenient for the IT provider – it is this fact that has opened some business owners’ eyes to the flaws in their current provider’s offering. Traditionally, support is based on ‘a quick fix’ – fix the problem as fast as possible and for as cheap as possible – and that does still apply, of course. Keeping the lights on is essential, but modern IT support – and modern business – needs to be more.

Modern IT support – what is it?

IT support is the management and maintenance of IT across an organisation. Proactive support spans the various technology services that outsourced IT Support companies (Managed Service Providers) offer to businesses and their users, along with an unlimited support Helpdesk (offering what is almost entirely focused on delivering reactive aid to faults as and when they are reported by a user).

Some IT support providers – as we said – are coasting. They are getting away with doing the bare minimum because too few know what their provider should be doing for them. Our familiarity with a service that simply isn’t good enough in this modern era has dramatically lowered our expectations.

Poor IT support

Reactive not Proactive

It isn’t a good realisation, but it is likely that your IT provider is lying to you – of course, this isn’t always the case but most claim to approach your system and its future ‘proactively’, and this simply isn’t true. It acts as a buzz word that sounds good in their pitch and looks good plastered all over their website. The majority run their businesses like an insurance company, with interest just being shown when something goes wrong, and by then it could be too late.

Limited availability

If your provider puts a cap on the number of call outs you are entitled to – get out now! If you had the ability to look into the future and see when assistance will be needed, you wouldn’t even need a provider! You need to know that you can call your provider as often as you deem necessary.

Lack of – or mediocre – quality communication

For all of their skill, it is fair to say that tech minded individuals aren’t predominantly the best communicators – their technical prowess cannot be matched but, unfortunately, in today’s world, they also need to be more communicative. Standards and the regularity of communication could be dramatically improved by most providers; if not, then relationship breakdowns are a common occurrence. You don’t want to be left in the dark about the future of your IT landscape (if they even have a plan), and also your provider will have no clue what you have in mind for your organisation.

This sounds like IT providers are a bad lot but that isn’t true. However, it is about keeping your eye out for the bad ones in a good bunch. Read our next article and find out what to look out for in a good provider, to ensure you pick one that has the ability to look after you and your team to the standard that is expected in modern times.

The right IT provider

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