In the previous article, we explored the problems posed by traditional IT support, we concluded that in the modern world it isn’t enough, and it needs to be improved.

As we said in the previous article, traditional IT support is predominantly conducted by tech savvy but poor communicators that react to your problems rather than looking at your IT productively. It is traditionally viewed statically, and this simply isn’t good enough, because just fixing things when they break is a bare minimum approach – this method won’t prepare the organisation for the future and will also leave it vulnerable to security issues.

Technology needs to be proactively implemented; it needs to complement your company ethos for your team to reap the benefits of new tools that will boost their efficiency.

You must demand more from your provider. You need a clear outline of your arrangement and how things are going to work going forward. It is only by doing this that you will be able to choose the right provider for the way you work.
Unfortunately, the perfect provider doesn’t exist but, for the first time, we can get awfully close.

Business minded, not tech minded

The best providers will treat your business as an individual. They will take the time to learn about your business and help you overcome the challenges which you and your team face on a daily basis in order to help your team work more efficiently.


The right IT provider will be experts, and they will be eager to pass on that expertise to those in your business, consequently giving those in your team the chance to take the reins of their own IT environment.


A good provider will try their best to make your IT as cost effective as possible. You must still be able to achieve your goals – with the most up to date tools – but this can’t come at an unreachable cost.


We all work against the clock, and our workdays are saturated with time sensitive activities – this can mean that it is difficult to find sufficient time to implement new tech. Tech isn’t as simple as one-time implementations, but is dependent on the frequency of updates, and the need for your entire team to be taught about the new features and capabilities – all this must have the potential to be achievable. The right providers work out ways to implement the tools you need in phased installations; slow and steady changes with education throughout is not only the best way to ensure that time isn’t wasted but also that your team aren’t taking on more than they can process at a time regarding education.


The providers that have the right approach are those that look to the future. Of course, some things will slip through the net and sneak up and shock you, but the majority of issues can be foreseen with some forethought. Upon signing with a new provider, they will take the time to get to know those in different departments in your organisation, and in doing so will allow them to learn the bug bares your team struggle with. There is no better way to improve your organisation – your team are the lifeblood of your business, and are the ones that use the tools daily, so who would know them better?

IT support traditionally covered the essential parts of your IT systems, when all that mattered was to keep things ticking over – there was nothing wrong with that at the time, but now we need more.

Modern IT support is centred around the lifeblood of your organisation – the team. There is argument that the customers or perhaps money is more important, but without your employees your organisation would cease to exist altogether. Your employees are the key to maintaining business and the high standards that you pride yourself in. If your team are provided with the correct tools and are trained on how to use them effectively then the rest of the factors take care of themselves.

IT support in the modern age should guide your business to a prosperous future.

A strategy lead approach

As we explained, providers claim to be proactive but the majority are lying, as most will sit back and receive money for doing little to nothing.

The right provider will create and present a strategic plan for the current – and future – use of tech for you and your team. This will ensure you know the justification for your investment and when and how they are going to be implemented.

Roadmapping your technological strategy

Most businesses would traditionally have little to no contact with their IT provider until there is an issue, meaning that most have never even seen an IT roadmap let alone been offered one by their provider. You must have a plan for the onboarding of new technological solutions, as doing so allows you to align different sectors of your business and to ensure that they are all achieving the most possible with their workday, whilst working toward a common goal.

The right IT provider should become a key member of your team – they are essential to the success of your organisation.

The right IT provider

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