The second of the five controls we are going to explore is Secure Configuration. This involves making device and software settings as secure as possible. To achieve this successfully you must have a proactive approach to your IT management.
The default security settings on the system are never anywhere close to ensuring your system is as secure as it could possibly be.

Most of the time, programmes and hardware in their default settings are insecure. The factory settings are designed with the intention of being as unrestrictive as possible to allow the user to use the new device as fluidly as possible, and also allows users to configure settings to their own parameters.

To become Cyber Essentials certified settings will have to be reconfigured in a way that ensures you enforce higher standards of security.

So, what are the problems posed by a poorly configured system?

What are the consequences of a poorly configured system?

It can be hard in our busy workdays to find time to do anything other than our normal work functions but, regardless, it is essential that you find time to stay proactive in your approach to protecting your systems. Services fall in and out of use and new hardware is acquired or repurposed – you must ensure that everything is properly organised. Cyber criminals look for poorly configured systems, so be vigilant, because the survival of your business could depend upon it.
Some of the risks are as follows:

As we just said, cyber criminals look for and thrive from systems that are not protected. An attacker will be met with little to no resistance when coming across a poorly configured system. It would be like leaving your door open for a burglar to walk in – you wouldn’t do it, so why do it with your technical systems? The criminal can cause untold amounts of damage to your IT by:

• Pre – configuring a route for future attacks.
• Taking advantage of unnecessary functionality.
• Gaining access to extremely sensitive data.

These are just some of the problems that can be caused by not putting up a good enough resistance against cyber threats.

Let’s look at some of the ways to configure your system correctly and securely.

Ways to configure your system securely

• You must review your network’s resilience by regularly performing vulnerability scans to highlight any potential security concerns. Any issues found must be rectified as soon as possible.

• You must draw up policies relating to the installation of important, security-critical software updates. Follow this up by creating clear guidelines around updates. They should outline how quickly they should be installed, and what the process is when a team member thinks an update might be necessary – this will ensure that they are fixed as and when necessary.

• Only use supported software. Unsupported software means that it is no longer being updated and patched by the vendor. Unsupported software will usually continue to work, but that doesn’t mean you should continue with it, because, when unsupported, there is no longer a team dedicated to creating and launching updates to patch security faults, leaving security loopholes for hackers to exploit.

• Establish secure configuration guidelines. Specify the basic security standards that all software must be configured to. There may be necessary diversions from these guidelines so be sure to take note of them.
It can be difficult to ensure that your IT infrastructure’s security is at its maximum, but you must take a methodical approach and ensure that every app, service, and hardware component is at the peak of its security capabilities.

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