It is essential that devices and software are kept up to date, because using devices and software that have fixes available but not installed not only leaves them vulnerable to security risks but will also stop you achieving the Cyber Essentials Accreditation.

Yes, manufacturers release updates to ensure that you – the consumer – can enjoy new features that improve the functionality of the device or tool, but this isn’t the reason they are so important. The main reason they are customary practice is to plug any security vulnerability gaps it had. It is, of course, beneficial to them that you are not only enjoying the device or tool but that you are using it as securely as possible. A security breach will not only cause problems for their consumers, but also likely cause the consumer to lose faith in them.

IT doesn’t last forever; I am sure you would be aware of that now if you attempted to use a smartphone even from as recent as five years ago. Technology evolves and new tech is designed and released every day – manufacturers are constantly trying to provide you with secure modern alternatives to their old, insecure counterparts.

Mirroring this evolution is Malware. Due to this, updates are regular – we understand that they are inconvenient but, with tech advancing at the rate it is, they are more than recommended.
If one of your devices or a piece of software in your possession stops being supported by the provider, replace them as soon as possible! Purchase a modern replacement at the earliest opportunity. As it is new it will likely be cyber secure and come with the latest security update as standard.

Let’s take a look at a real-world example:

You have a smartphone, its five years old and the manufacturer has emailed you to let you know that they will no longer be supporting it – get a new model as soon as you can. In the modern age our lives are on our smartphones, so if a criminal gains access, they could cause carnage by simply pressing a few buttons.

Cyber Essentials Accreditation – The requirements

Cyber Essentials is lenient here. They require that you install updates within two weeks of their release if the vendor describes the patch as fixing flaws labelled ‘high’ or ‘critical’ – at least that gives you time to prepare for the update and you don’t have to instantly stop production. Your software must be licensed, supported, and up-to-date wherever possible. You must also remove all software from devices that are no longer supported.

Value from your tools

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