It is important that you do everything you can to prevent Malware from penetrating your systems. The consequences of not doing so could be dire and will see you fall short of the standards required to achieve Cyber Essentials Accreditation . For those that don’t know what Malware is, Malware is software that was constructed with the sole intention of causing damage to computer systems, servers, or an entire network.

Malware is the most common form of computer virus. They work by attacking software then multiplying and sending themselves to any computer or device that has an association with the original target. Malware attacks are most commonly financially motivated and come in the form of Ransomware.

How Malware works

A lot of the time it is your users that accidentally allow Malware onto the system; your user could browse a website that has been compromised, they could open a compromised file on some form of removable storage media, or it could even be that they simply open an attachment in a seemingly safe email that infects the systems.

So, how do you fight back against Malware?

Combat Malware

Sophisticated Malware can be very difficult to combat, but there are ways to make your organisation more secure.

1. Only use manufacturer approved shops! The Apple App store and Google Play, for example, are constantly monitored by whole teams of professionals to ensure they provide a certain level of protection against Malware. Unknown sources may offer a cheap app, but just shopping there could open the floodgates to Malware.

2. You must install Anti-Virus software on all computers and devices both at home and in the office. Most good operating systems include free Anti-Virus software – it is, however, unfortunate that these are normally completely unable to protect your systems, because they are basic and offer little to no protection against modern, sophisticated cyber attacks.

3. Run your apps in a ‘Sandbox’. This may sound like overkill but running your apps in a Sandbox will stop them from communicating with other parts of your network or device so they can’t be harmed.

What does Cyber Essentials require to achieve the accreditation?

Cyber Essentials Certification requires that you implement at least one of the three approaches listed above to protect your devices against the threats of Malware.

Value from your tools

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